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Wednesday – 8.20.14

Daily Read:  Stop Dreaming and Start Doing – Breaking Muscle   Kids room is going going gone:  Over the next few weeks we will be transforming the “kids” room into a “stretch/mobility” room where Wendy will conduct several recovery stretch classes per week.  If you must bring your child to the box please have them

Tuesday – 8.19.14

Daily Read: 4 things I learned from being bad at crossfit – Tabata Times    Jen and Ed getting work done on vacation!  Great Job guys!!   Strength:  6×2 Weighted Strict Pull Up W.O.D 5 min clock 400m Sprint 50 Hollow Rock max pull up 4 min clock 400m Sprint 40 hollow rock max pull

Monday – 8.18.14

Daily Read:  Let your kids eat breakfast – breaking muscle   Congrats to Sam W. and Danielle S. on an impressive performance at The War at The Shore this weekend!! Strength: 1rm CNJ W.O.D 30-20-10 KB Swing (53/35) Lateral Bar Burpee Then… 15 Cluster (95/65) 10 Cluster (115/75) 5 Cluster (135/95)

NO Open Gym Tomorrow

Saturday – 8.16.14 – Good Luck to Danielle S. and Sam W…..

Good luck to Danielle S. and Sam W. as they compete at the War at the Shore today at CF Ocean.      The Furnace 3.0 at CrossFit 908 – Thank Tim Carroll for what The Furnace 3.4 has evolved into…..     W.O.D “The Furnace 3.4″ For Time: 34 Front Squat (155/105) 34 Box

Friday – 8.15.14 – Bench Press + Rowing Annie

Next week we will not be posting the WOD’s for the week, BUT you should still check the site daily because we will be posting valuable information and articles for you to read.  Lets just call it Mystery Week!   Welcome to MCF Mike N.  - look at Mike P. staring him down claiming his

Thursday – 8.14.14 – ‘Warsen’

A message from coach Brandon Think of one of your best friends. When I mean best friend…I’m not talking about someone you’ve known for years. I’m talking about someone that knows you…literally, in and out. Someone that has been through shit with you, that no other individual you know could ever imagine. Then on the

Wednesday – 8.13.14 – Snatch Drills – Death by 10m – Mystery Finisher

Daily Read:   You Rx’d that WOD?  BEASTMODE!  … wait.  Should you have even done it as prescribed?  Back it up. CrossFit is intensity, and intensity is relative to our individual physical abilities.  I saw you work at a snail pace through the WOD, and you had no business doing push jerks with 155 pounds on the bar.  Congrats on

Tuesday – 8.12.14 – ‘Fran’

Daily Read:  How to approach Fran – Kelly Starrett   Extreme Endurance:  Fran Study – We are selling 8 day trial packs at the box and will start the trial after doing Fran tomorrow.  Watch this video and if you are interested in trying the product purchase your trial pack from a coach tomorrow!  

Monday – 8.11.14 – ON RAMP STARTS TONIGHT AT 7pm!

  On Ramp Starts at 7pm Tonight!!!  Please show up no later than 6:45 to sign up and get started.  We will be meeting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week and next at 7pm.  See you there! This week of programming is brought to you by Coach Brandon No caption necessary…….     Strength: 15