Rick Buro

Owner/Head Coach, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting 

311614_10151504620524296_520216755_nPlain and simple, CrossFit changed my life.  I was 28 years old, married with two children and about 50 pounds overweight when I was introduced to CrossFit.  I will never forget the day I completed my first W.O.D (workout of the day) living in Las Vegas at SinCity CrossFit.  The experience tested my mental and physical capacity to a degree in which I never thought a single workout could.  My first workout was a half Cindy (come to the gym and see what cindy is about) and all I remember was in the last minute of the workout I couldn’t find the strength to complete a single pullup.  Standing in front of a bar that looked 100 feet tall I looked to my right only to see four other, completely random people, standing over me.  They were cheering me on, promising me that I had enough in the tank to finish this thing.  One member even ran over to me and added ANOTHER band to assist with my pullups, and when I finished those pullups I was greeted with pats on the back and high fives to celebrate the accomplishment.  At that very moment I realized that this was something special, something I would never stop doing.  Upon relocating to NJ I quickly found the nearest “box” to continue my new found journey towards being fit.  CrossFit 908 was where I landed and Tim Carroll was the fearless leader of this community.  Over the course of two years with the 908 crew my initial love for crossfit transformed into a passion.  That passion triggered a desire to study….to research the best possible formula to achieve peak performance in mental and physical fortitude.  Years of studying and learning from the best landed me at the doors of Marlboro CrossFit.  It is here that I can lay it all on the line every day for each and every one of my clients, with one goal in mind… to bring out the very best version of themselves, just as I did when I first started crossfit.

See you at the box.



Austin Siegel

CrossFit Level 1 


Coming from someone who never played any team nor colligate sports while growing up, I always considered myself to be in above average physical shape. I exercised on a regular basis, but only recreationally. I never considered the potential that true fitness had to offer because I was content at my current level, but that was when Crossfit came into my life. I discovered Marlboro Crossfit through my brother-in-law who was already a member. I walked into the box in the spring of 2012 and I have never looked back. Over the two years that I have been at MCF, I have discovered a new side of myself, a side that is ever striving for the next level of fitness and constantly feeds off competition and the energy of my peers. Never have I found a place where such an inclusive fitness plan has been administered so perfectly. Marlboro Crossfit cares not only about members’ performance inside of the gym, but how it carries over to the lives of the members outside of the gym. In the end, that is what Crossfit is all about, making life better not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is through this principle that I was hooked on Crossfit. I am genuinely excited that Crossfit has led me down this path, and I cannot wait to help everyone who walks through the doors of MCF find their own path.



Ilene Winters

photoIlene comes to CrossFit as a triathlete, most recently competing in a half ironman distance using CrossFit Endurance as her training protocol. She has been doing CrossFit since 2010 and loves everything about it including the sense of community, the constant challenge and CrossFit’s competitive nature. Ilene has been coaching people in her home gym since June, 2012 and is excited to join the coaching staff to share her knowledge and to learn from the MCF community.


CF Level 1, CF Endurance, CF Oly Lifting, Mash Elite Learn 2Lift Level 1 Scheduled certifications include: Mash Elite Learn 2Lift Level 2 - February 9, 2014, CF Coaches Prep – April 4/5, 2014





Kat Wilk

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

IMG_5301As a four year, three season varsity athlete in high school, and after competing in Division 1 College track, even traveling to Sweden to compete with the first American team to compete in the DN Galan youth games, I thought I was in great shape.  I have always been passionate about working out, even majoring in Exercise Science (also known as kinesiology).  I wanted to know everything I could about fitness and conditioning.  I never expected to fall in love with CrossFit.  I first came to the Marlboro Box for an internship, expecting to learn about different types of training. Completing my first WOD was a wakeup call, and the start of a new beginning.  The CrossFit approach to training is more efficient and effective than anything else I’d experienced. I was hooked. After interning, I began shadowing the coaches in preparation for my CFL1.  I’ve seen the transformative power of Crossfit, I can’t wait to help others change their lives for the better.





Laura Farah

CrossFit level 1 Certified

I thought I was in pretty good shape since I was a high school/college athlete and always incorporated fitness into my lifestyle even after having three kids.   For years, I exercised at least five times a week at a ‘globo’ gym doing cardio and lifting light weights.  But when I did my first Crossfit workout (WOD) back in October 2011, it quickly revealed A LOT of weaknesses.   My first few months of Crossfit were even more humbling for me.  I felt angry at how hard EVERYTHING was.  As much as I may have looked “fit” on the outside, I clearly was out of shape on the inside.  Since that first day I participated in a Crossfit WOD, I knew it was something special and I had become addicted.  The ‘globo’ gym training I had previously been doing did not compare to the quick gains I received from Crossfit.  Crossfit has put me not only in the best shape of my life physically, but has also made me mentally tougher.  Within this community, we make the impossible possible – one WOD at a time.  Crossfit has become a part of who I am and as a L-1 Crossfit Certified Trainer my goal is to make it a part of you as well.