Tuesday – 8.7.12 – Bench Press….WHAT?!

 MCF News:


On Ramp:  Great Job last night guys and gals!  We will also be starting a new On Ramp class Sept. 1.  If you or anyone you know is interested please let us know.

Amazon Local:  The next Amazon Local start date is this Saturday (Aug 11).  If you haven’t already secured your spot please email Sal at sdalessio@marlborocrossfit.com or Rick at rburo@marlborocrossfit.com.  Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday! 

Link of The Day is coming back soon….



 Congrats to Missy who attended the CrossFit Gymnastics Cert this past weekend.  We look forward to integrating some great new stuff to help you all continue reaching your goals!





Bench Press




Wall Ball (20/14)



Tabata Hollow Rock



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